My store (Oscommerce) has three language selections, English, German and Spanish. From the administration Panel I can chose any of these languages. Have loaded products using the English language option and everything works perfect, but when I load product at the spanish section the images are also added at the english and german division. The spanish description of the product have been loaded at the spanish division (The store shows three section for this purpose English, German and Spanish). When a customer uses the spanish option the shopping cart, only shows, the item quantity and the total price, any product description nor model is shown at all. I discovered that If i copy the Spanish description also at the English section the shopping cart shows the complete information of the product. I assumed then, that the shopping cart, invoice and shipping slip is copying the information just from the english section and not from the spanish section as it should be.

I would appreciate in receiving information on how I can make that the shopping cart, invoice and shipping slip take the information directly from the spanish section, when the buyer is using the spanish language. Also would like to know why the images are automatically shown in both other languages when I am loading spanish products and how I can fix it.

Thanks in advance for your advice.